Grokr transforms the concept of search for a mobile world by offering users a unique discovery and personalized search service that makes it easier for them to find what they’re looking for. Grokr marks the end of the “find and forget” epoch of searching. It remembers and provides relevant information and recommendations based on a user’s preferences.

Grokr continually understands your interests, likes, and location and is designed to meet the needs of iPhone users with active and busy lifestyles.

It’s a company

It’s actually the name of a company with headquarters in Sunnyvale, California. It’s comprised of a team of data scientists, mobile product specialists, and big data experts who want to create a search service specifically designed for mobile.

Thanks to Grokr, all the information a user searches for is put in a single consolidated place on their mobile, making it easy to access at all times.

Their free app, which is available right now, is basically an iOS version of Google Now. This is an app compatible only with Android for the moment that compiles information like movies, the weather, and airplane flights based on your location.

Grokr combines all of the different actions and searches you do daily –checking the weekend’s weather forecast, looking up the day’s big headlines, searching for decent restaurants, and how your favorite sports team is doing. We do these things all the time, but they require the use of multiple apps and way too much typing.

According to the CEO of Grokr, the iPhone is the perfect tool for re-imagining mobile search. The company says they want to make the current manual model autonomous.

How does it work?

After giving (optional) access to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts, Grokr combines information gleaned from these networks with your location to provide information a user would find relevant. This can include nearby restaurants and shopping and local traffic info (including road closure alerts). Each piece of information is presented in a rectangular plane dominated by a large graphic. Grokr could provide general trending topics after linking to your account based on your interests. You’re taken right to related stories when you tap on any of them.

Finally, Grokr also goes through the music in your iPhone’s music library and will give you information about upcoming concerts and shows.

Plans for the Future

One day, the company hopes to be able to provide even more useful information, like foreseeing potential health problems based on your nutrition and activity levels.