This article is about a few personal free search assistant apps that go way beyond Siri and will make it easier for you to take care of your everyday tasks faster. Go ahead and download – spending time on something important is just a few mouse clicks away.

This app is flexible, learns what you like and serves you, and is available in multiple languages and on multiple platforms. It can perform any information search, but its features aren’t limited to that. It can also translate, send emails and texts, and navigate for you without you having to open it.


How do you get your calendar, reminders, and notes to work together to actually get something done? This app brings your utilities, banks, and social networks together to remind you what you need to get done and when.


Windows Mobile’s VA Cortana is really useful for organizing your whole digital life. It can do things like collect your interests in its Notebook section so you can get better recommendations when you need a nearby coffee shop or enable you to set a reminder to ask your boss about a report or meeting the next time they call.


If you tend to lose important messages or are overwhelmed with junk mail, this app comes to your rescue. It’s possible to customize your email notifications, organize your contacts, back up important messages, have junk and expired emails automatically deleted, and collect receipts and attachments in one single location with just a few clicks.

Dragon Mobile Assistant

This is a great option if you’re on Android. It keeps you safe by switching to eye and hands-free mode when you’re driving. It keeps you updated by reading your notifications and messages and connected by finding your contacts nearby.

Google Now

Google now, Siri’s main rival, offers outstanding services to Android users. On iPhone, it’s known as just the “Google app”). It answers questions and can scarilyforetell what you need before you yourself know. For example, it’ll record your parking location automatically or let you know about traffic for your morning commute. The fact that it can communicate directly with many of your apps makes your mobile an even user-friendlier and more powerful tool.